The vines and olive trees,
the lake and the historic cities


The lake is the principal reason for holidays in our area, mainly in the summer months when you can swim in it. Water temperature usually allows swimming from mid May to the end of September. In particularly favourable years you can swim from the beginning of May to most of October. 

For several years, the lake has had a collection system for all waste water from its coastal towns, which is then purified in a plant in Peschiera. Considering that along the coast and on the river Sarca, which flows into the lake, there are hardly any industrial settlements, visitors can trust the lake's water to be clean. We ourselves bathe in the lake every day for at least five months of the year. 

The lake can also be enjoyed in many other ways. From the small port of Portese (approximately 500 meters from Le Chiusure) you can take the public boat link that allows you to see the lake in a slow and peaceful fashion. You can also hike or bike up the hillsides, with stunning views of the lake and its surroundings, among olive groves and, higher up, chestnut and oak woods. Small sailboats, canoes and motorboats are available for hire in many locations along the lake.
An address we deem worthwhile visiting is the Visitor's Centre of Prabione di Tignale. There is an exhibition which documents the unexpected richness of the lake district, both from an environmental point of view and from a historical and artistic one.


Many foreigners visit Italy for its cities and towns where the extraordinary cultural and historic legacy is still so much part of our present.
There are seasons, spring and autumn especially, when the lake becomes the backdrop to a different kind of vacation. In these seasons, but also in winter with its low rainfall and beautifully crisp, clear days, there is time for less crowded visits and the towns show their more authentic character. 

Lake Garda is often chosen for its central location with respect to the major north Italian cities. Venice (160 km) and Milan (130 km) are at approximately one hour and a half from Le Chiusure. Closer by are Verona (50 km), Mantua (60 km), Brescia (35 km), Bergamo (75 km), Padua (140 km) and Vicenza (110 km). The squares, monuments, museums and their atmosphere are an exceptional experience for those looking for the essence of our country. 

In conclusion, two suggestions for a museum and an exhibition: the Santa Giulia Museum in Brescia tells the story of the city from its Roman origins down through the centuries, with collections and architectures of exceptional interest. The Mantua Literature Festival in September is a major event for those interested in books and writing and is visited by authors of international acclaim.


Le Chiusure is first of all a wine and oil producing farm.

For those interested in our work, the harvest period and the initial processing of the grapes (September and October) are the most interesting time of the year, together with the olive picking weeks in November.

Also springtime can offer interesting insights of the vineyard as it starts once again to grow.

We wish to underline the fact that guests are physically close to the vineyards, the cellar and the olive groves during their holiday at Le Chiusure.